Smile you’re an elite

Othman Marghani

The Sudanese in general have a fondness for terminology to the point of sanctification, so that the term becomes unattainable for consideration, review, or questioning, as it is surrounded by walls of submission. Among these sacred terms is the “elite”…
Perhaps Dr. Mansour Khaled – may God rest his soul in peace – played a motivating role in consolidating this term, whose practical meaning is difficult to define “not linguistic”.
Mansour Khaled slandered the Sudanese “elite” and branded it an addiction to failure, in a large, interesting book in two parts, and presented deep, objective arguments to prove the Sudanese elite failure syndrome..and the whole of his speech is convincing for those who listened while he was a martyr, but the puzzling question will remain, who are the Sudanese “elite”?
And after Mansour, the cultured comrades spread discourses about the “Sudanese elite” and found in the forums a speaker embroidered with scientific titles from professor or higher, and he slandered the Sudanese “elite” with those who blamed it for failure.
Then you will find, on another platform, a seasoned politician who astonishes the listeners in his seminars with his wonderful systems of political discourse, then he curses the Sudanese “elite” with those who curse and do not blink an eyelid.
So who are these “elites” who are cursed by everyone from the highest rare degree holders to the lowest illiterate people whose fortune did not allow them to learn to read and write?
And to be more precise, my question is a skilled doctor and a skilled surgeon who is known for his excellence in medicine

His medical field, but he does not know anything about politics and does not know the difference between parliament and “Gardelman”, is he an “elite”?
On the other hand, a politician whom God did not confer upon him with a letter in school, and did not read or read the book “Hamad Tala al-Shajara,” but he is a politician and wins elections cycle after cycle that a constituent assembly, a people’s council, or a legislative council did not miss in all eras, is he an “elite”?
As long as this “elite” is responsible for the calamities that befell Sudan throughout the political era, how can we issue an “arrest warrant” for the elite? If it is without color, taste, or smell, it is inferred.
Personally, the writer of these lines, I don’t know if I am an “elite”?
But what I know knows for sure is that everyone is in a position of pride when the word “elite” is a title of luxury, for we are all “elite”. And when “elite” comes in the context of Mansour Khaled’s “addiction to failure,” we all point our finger at the same third party that appears in the police statements to explain who is killing the protesters.
Is “elite” just “funkush”?
So how do we prosecute and criminalize it and prevent it from deciding our political fate? How do we prevent the “elite” addicted to failure from reaching the center of national decision-making so that our country does not get lost in the chaos of deadly decisions?

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