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Cairo.. A joint initiative between Sudanese and Egyptian journalists entitled “No to war.. Yes to peace.”

The head of the Egyptian Journalists Syndicate, the journalist writer, Khaled El Balshy, received a delegation of Sudanese journalists who are in Cairo, against the background of the internal events in Sudan. The Syndicate of Journalists expressed its solidarity with the Sudanese people and the Sudanese press in the face of the ongoing war there, stressing the depth of brotherhood between the Egyptian and Sudanese peoples. Al-Balshi condemned all the violations against fellow journalists in Sudan, and the attacks against Sudanese newspapers, expressing his condolences to the martyrs of the press and the victims of the war among the citizens.
The initiative called for the need to review the conditions of Sudanese journalists in Egypt after the war, and to provide them with support. It also called for renouncing the escalating hate speech and stopping the bickering adopted by some voices, which escalated with the arrival of Sudanese fleeing the war.
The attendees stressed that the initiative is the result of the reality that Sudan is going through at the present time and the destruction that affected all aspects of life, including media institutions and social life. The Sudanese journalists thanked the Egyptian Journalists Syndicate and the Captain for receiving, initiating and calling for the support of Sudanese journalists in Egypt.

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