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the Vice President of the Sudanese Sovereign Council in Juba


As part of the ongoing efforts to address and solve the crisis of Sudan’s war, I met with His Excellency President Salvakir Mayar Day, President of the Republic of Sudan this afternoon. I discussed with him to meet the status and ongoing and ongoing status and mobilization, and their impacts on civilians in Sudan, displaced persons, internally displaced persons, and refugees to neighboring countries, as well as the destruction of the infrastructure The vital facilities in Sudan, and we addressed the meeting of the impact of this terrible conflict on neighboring countries and threatening to peace and stability in the region. For His Excellency President and the Government of Sudan, on behalf of the people and government of Sudan, on behalf of the hospitality and good reception, which was founded by Sudanese from the people and government of Southern Sudan, and to facilitate and beyond all bureaucratic measures to receive The fugitives of the hell of the war and facilitate their stay, stressing that this generosity expected reflects the depth of the relationship and brothers between the two peoples. During this meeting, we discussed efforts and initiatives for peace and ending the war in Sudan, and we have addressed the practical steps necessary to coordinate all efforts and initiatives and prevent a slide to the state of multiple platforms and planes that may prolong the war. President Salva Care has seen priorities in the next phase and its heads to work in the region and around the world to reach a lasting ceasefire and then turn off the war, as well as facilitate the arrival of humanitarian assistance and overcome all The obstacles that stand on their way beyond the restoration of life naturally as much as possible for Sudanese citizens. We agreed at the end of the meeting to continue to communicate and coordinate us to pay an active process to end the war in Sudan as refining.

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