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General Command of the Armed Forces Friday, 19th May, 2023

Daily news brief

After its failed attempt to take over power by force in the capital, the rebel militia tried to attack on the 19th infantry command in Nayla. Our forces strongly repelled the attack and inflicted losses on the enemy with hundreds of deaths and dozens of injuries and the destruction of tens of weapon-mounted cars. Our forces also neutralized a large number of snipers and were chasing the remaining of the enemy force until Friday evening.

Our forces carried out strikes on positions of the rebel militia in South Omdurman, the center of Khartoum and in Bahri, resulting in dozens of deaths and injuries and destroying a number of their technicals.

We’re monitoring the escape in large numbers of troops from the rebels towards the west of the country using civilian cars that have been looted. The rebels are trying to replace those escaping by recruiting young men in the capital using large sums of money as incentives.

The rebel militia continues its terrorizing behavior of frightening civilians and forcefully taking over their homes and stealing properties, in addition to the destruction of public facilities.

Our forces are detecting movements of the enemy inside the capital and we assert to the public that we’re ready to deal decisively with the intentions of the enemy that is monitored.

We urge our citizens to take the highest level of caution and care to avoid conflict areas, and, in the case of being caught in one, we urge to avoid movement for your own safety.

We praise the positive behavior of our citizens in several districts in the capital, including setting up roadblocks on major and branching streets to stop the rebels from entering districts and raiding their homes and honor. This brave behavior demands us to appreciate it and be grateful to our citizens and hope others follow their example.

We advise members of the rebel militia that the call of the army commander to hand themselves over and report to the nearest garrison or military unit is still open for them to benefit from the amnesty granted and foreign mercenaries will be sent back to their countries if they hand themselves over before it is too late.

Office of the spokesperson of the armed forces

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