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General Command of the Armed Forces Sunday, 21st May, 2023

News brief

The operational situation is stable in all parts of the country with the exception of clashes with the rebel militia in parts of the national capital.

Our forces directed strikes against gatherings of the rebel militia in north and central Bahri and southern Khartoum that resulted in the destruction of a number of armed cars and ZS trucks filled with ammunition and left numbers of the militia killed or injured.

A group from the rebel militia on Saturday raided the embassies of Pakistan and Qatar and vandalised them and looted diplomatic vehicles. The rebels on Sunday also raided and destroyed the administrative complex of Neelain university.

We are monitoring the escape of large numbers from the rebel militia towards the west on hundreds of different vehiclles, all carrying loots of the rebels.

Our forces continues to monitor the activities of the rebels inside and outside the capital and are ready to deal decisively with any changes.

We urge our citizens to avoid areas of fighting between our forces and the rebels and to take caution in approaching any strange metal object for your own safety.

The amnesty of the commander-in-chief of the armed forces is still open to those who abandon the rebellion and reports to the nearest military post or unit. We hope that members of the rebel militia take advantage of it before it is too late.

Office of the spokesperson of the armed forces

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