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Mr Khaled Omar Youssef, Vice President of the Sudanese Congress Party and the official spokesman for the political process in Khartoum, said

We welcome the agreement of the Armed Forces and the Rapid Support Forces to extend the ceasefire for another five days.

We call for strict adherence to its provisions and focusing efforts on addressing the severely deteriorating humanitarian situation.

Stopping the war and choosing peaceful, negotiated solutions is the best way.

It is important for the civil and military parties to distance themselves from rhetoric of polarization and mobilization.

Khaled Omar, spokesman for the political process in Sudan, accused the supporters of the former regime – Omar al-Bashir’s regime – and its affiliated groups of igniting the war now taking place in the country between the army and the Rapid Support Forces.

Omar added during his participation, last Sunday, in the evening program, which is broadcast on Al-Jazeera Mubasher: “The supporters of the former regime are the ones who fuel the ongoing conflict,” stressing that they ignited this war, thinking that it would be short, followed by the creation of new political conditions in Sudan.

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