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Rapid Support Forces Important statement

May 24, 2023
In a blatant violation of international laws and norms and a breach of the short-term ceasefire agreement signed in Jeddah on May 20, 2023, the putschists and extremist remnants of the defunct regime today violated the declared humanitarian armistice and attacked our forces in a number of axes through warplanes, artillery shelling, and ground attacks.
In the face of this treacherous behavior, our forces used the right to self-defense and their positions, and were able to repel the coup attackers in the Al-Ghaba Street area, seizing 3 tanks and destroying others, while counting the losses of the aggressor forces is still going on.
In Omdurman, the revolutionaries’ aircraft attacked the positions of our forces in Khartoum, and a MiG plane was shot down, the wreckage of which is located in the Umbada area, Al-Hara 14.
The Rapid Support Forces affirm their full commitment to the declared humanitarian truce in appreciation of the humanitarian condition of our people, and call on the putschists to abide by the declared humanitarian truce and respect the ceasefire agreement.
The Rapid Support Forces would like to reaffirm categorically that there are no military manifestations in all hospitals under their control, and that our forces are ready to facilitate the arrival of aid and medical teams to hospitals in a way that helps provide service to civilians.
Glory and eternity to our martyrs
The official spokesman for the Rapid Support Forces

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