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Sisi: The humanitarian repercussions of the Sudanese crisis go beyond the borders of the state

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi affirmed that the stability of Sudan, the preservation of its territorial integrity, and the cohesion of its institutions will have positive results not only for the Sudanese people but for all regional parties.

Al-Sisi, during his speech at the meeting of the African Peace and Security Council on Sudan at the level of heads of state and government via video conference, expressed his appreciation for extending the invitation to Egypt to participate in this important meeting, to discuss developments in the brotherly state of Sudan, according to Al-Sharq News Agency. Middle.

The Egyptian President added that today’s meeting carries, in addition to its political importance, a symbolic value, by affirming the continuation of the partnership between the African parties, all international partners, and relief agencies to work together towards a “stable and secure Sudan.”

He pointed out that Egypt appreciates the efforts of the African Union Commission, led by its Chairman Moussa Fakih, to deal with the Sudanese crisis, the most prominent of which was the expanded meeting held at the ministerial level on April 20, which resulted in the formation of a mechanism that includes the actors, including Egypt.

Sudan de-escalation plan
He explained that today’s meeting aims to adopt the de-escalation plan, which was formulated in coordination with neighboring countries, which represents an important step towards achieving stability and internal consensus, and ending the current bloody conflict.

The Egyptian president stressed that the efforts made within the framework of the African Union complement other tracks, including the League of Arab States, whose recent summit approved the formation of an Arab ministerial contact group to deal with the crisis and the efforts of the IGAD and the agreements signed during the “Jeddah” negotiations. Commitment to a cease-fire, opening the way for the entry and distribution of humanitarian aid, and withdrawing forces from hospitals and public facilities. These are paths that must be based on unified and coordinated standards that support each other and establish a roadmap for the political process that addresses the roots of the problems that led to the current crisis and aims to Expand and comprehensive participation, for all spectrums of the Sudanese people.

Al-Sisi stressed the importance of close coordination with neighboring countries to resolve the crisis and restore security and stability in Sudan, as it is an original party the most affected by the crisis, and the keenest to end it as soon as possible, adding that Egypt has assumed its responsibility, as a major neighboring country of the Republic of Sudan, through Intensifying communication with all actors, and international and regional partners, to work to end the current situation. Egypt relied, in its moves, on several determinants, with which we hope that regional and international efforts will be consistent, the most important of which are:

First: The need to reach a comprehensive and sustainable ceasefire that is not limited to humanitarian purposes only.

Second: The necessity of preserving the national state institutions in Sudan, which are the backbone of protecting the state from the danger of collapse.
Third: The conflict in Sudan is a matter for our Sudanese brothers, and our role as regional parties is to help them stop it and achieve consensus on resolving the causes that led to it in the first place. In this regard, Egypt affirms its respect for the will of the Sudanese people, non-interference in their internal affairs, and the importance of not allowing external interference in its current crisis.

Fourth: The humanitarian repercussions of the Sudanese crisis go beyond the borders of the state and affect neighboring countries, with which it is necessary to coordinate closely. as citizens.

Al-Sisi called on relief agencies and donor countries to provide the necessary support to neighboring countries so that they can continue to play this role.

He expressed his confidence that today’s meeting will produce the results that the Sudanese people hope for from their African brothers, and which are necessitated by our duty towards these people, in this circumstance that they are going through and that they will not forget the stand of their brothers with them, just as Sudan showed solidarity with its brothers during the historical stages. different.

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