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Sudanese Council of Churches * Statement on the ongoing attacks on churches of Christian denominations in Khartoum

  • The Sudanese Council of Churches condemns the continuous attacks carried out by the Rapid Support Forces militia on churches of Christian denominations in Khartoum state. Where this militia destroyed, vandalized and seized these churches and turned them into centers to manage their military operations. And entered the church of the Virgin Mary in Khartoum and ordered all the priests and the general bishop to evacuate the church and take it as their headquarters.
    At exactly eleven o’clock yesterday evening, Wednesday, the Rapid Support militia entered the Archdiocese Church of St. George and looted the archdiocese’s treasury at gunpoint. They broke the leg of teacher Seifin with a bullet, broke the hand of Deacon Safwat, and stole Toussaint’s cart and a sum of money from Priest Arsanius, who was wounded in the leg. The residence of the priests in Al-Masalma neighborhood was also looted on Wednesday, 5/17/2023.
    Also, in the first days of the events, the Sudanese Episcopal Church in Khartoum, buildings one street, was occupied by the Rapid Support Forces and made it the headquarters of their forces! Where they stormed the main door and broke the doors of the offices and the House of Peace, the meeting hall and the compound, and also broke the chariots of the church, including the chariot of the Archbishop.
  • Churches affected by the events *
    1/ St. George’s Archdiocese Church
    2/ The Episcopal Diocesan Church
    3/ The Archdiocese Church of the Virgin Mary
    4/ The Evangelical Church
    5/ St. George’s Church in Bahri
    The Sudanese Council of Churches expresses its deep regret and denounces and condemns these violations of the religious rights of Christians, which express a lack of respect for sanctities and religious sanctities.
    The Sudanese Council of Churches appeals to humanitarian and human rights organizations to condemn these violations May God protect Sudan and its people Sudanese Council of Churches Friday, May 19th
    2023 AD
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