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Sudan’s army called on Friday for reservists and retired soldiers to re-enlist amid a deadly conflict with a rival paramilitary and asked the United Nations to change its envoy to the country.

In the name of Allah the Merciful
peace and blessings be upon the Prophet

  • Statement of the Ministry of Defense *
  • On the abuses of human beings *
    To our honorable citizens and the Sudanese People’s Defense, the beginning of our righteous martyrs who have been victims of this treacherous war and those without arrival The necessary health care centers .. We ask him to dwell in paradise with friends, martyrs and healing for wounded and injured. The argument and gratitude to the Sudanese people who followed the Saber who followed and deducted from this war and weaves of displacement, displacement, recruitment, property loss and all the tragedies of humiliation and humiliation. Thanks and appreciation for the young armed forces and is managing the battle of glory and dignity and offer more frames of martyrs across their filament. This war imposed on our armed forces in which all traits and betrayal are at a time when the rebellious rapid support forces were calculated in addition to the state’s capabilities to protect their national security, but they are bragging and naive and invalid claims Macabar Jakhool or a lover despite repeated appeals and clear data out of the armed forces from the political process. Everyone is watching and follows this war and the insurgent behavior and the mercenary pitchers, which are disrupted and ethics, and after they have disappeared the armed forces, they returned to their origin and emptied gain them against honorable and innocent citizens. The armed forces are focused on the acceptance of a specific truce that can not be rejected from the reality of ethical responsibility for the protection of civilians and humanitarian assistance in observance of human rights and international humanitarian law and despite the noble goals of this truce and the libraries that do not hide Follow-up, except that the insurgency has been in direct violation and a clear violation before and after the truce, for example: –

-The headquarters of UNITAMS mission.

  • Attack on the Church of St. Mary Gerges and shooting on Khaddam and the church.
  • Attack on the Qatar Embassy
  • Assault on the Turkish plane.
  • Assault on the Somali Embassy
  • Assault on the Chinese Embassy.
  • Subversion strategic facilities (water, electricity) and presence.
  • The occupation of Ahmed Qassem and Al Banan Hospital.
  • Targeting the Headquarters of the Currency.
  • Crowd and collect their troops in a number of sites.
  • Targeting a number of military sites of the armed forces.
    Since the rebellious forces persisted in humiliating the symbols of the state, including writers, journalists, judges, doctors, and the families, chasing and arresting pensioners of the regular forces, we make this appeal and call on all pensioners of the armed forces, including officers, non-commissioned officers, soldiers, and all those who are able to bear arms to go to the nearest military command to arm them in order to secure themselves, their sanctities, and their neighbors And protect their honor and work according to the plans of these areas. The loyalty of this great people and their rallying around the armed forces is a support that finds attention and appreciation for it. The armed forces strive to meet this support in a way that suits them, and we assure them that, according to its scientific and practical approach, it is keen to protect its citizens before appealing to the people abroad and what was stated in the armistice, so the deliberation was as it.
    The urban warfare has no time limits, but the rebellion has broken its power and has sought refuge in hospitals and service facilities, and citizens have adopted human shields, which are now roaming between the alleys and alleys of residential neighborhoods, and we are certain that the armed forces are able to demolish what remains of the remnants of the rebel force in the shortest time, and what victory Except from Allah. Sudan lived free and proud
    Long live our armed forces shield
    And the protector of this dear country Lieutenant-General
    Yassin Ibrahim Yassin
    Acting Minister of Defense
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