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The General command of the armed forces.

Daily news brief

Your armed forces continue to carry out its sacred patriotic duty in securing Sudan and defending it against any plans by the militia which has shown every day that it doesn’t belong to the country and has no relation to it and the Sudanese values and morales.

Despite the claims of leaders of the rebel militias of raising the values of democracy, peace and justice, our citizens every day are bearing witness to the unprecedented crimes committed against them and the violations of international laws and oppressing civilians who’ve have been used as human shields.

They’ve forced civilians to leave their homes at gunpoint, looted public and public property and released many criminals from prison and destroyed water and power plants. They’ve been launching artillery fire indiscriminately in residential areas and not distinguishing between military and civilian targets and causing systematic destruction of the educational infrastructure. The rebel militia has destroyed Ahfad Colleage for Women and a number of other educational institutions before that. Today the militas have caused the total destruction of Al-Nahda colleage university in Khartoum.

Our forces on Thursday clashed with the militia group on Nile Street and central Khartoum and took over a number of weapons and technicals that they left behind after fleeing.

A group from the rebel militia on Thursday morning tried to launch an attack on the headquarters of the Central Reserve Policr on southern Khartoum and was blocked and destroyed gallantly, forcing the rebels to flee leaving behind an number of mounted weapons and army technicals

Several groups of the rebel militias today sustained a number of strikes in southern Khartoum, Omdurman and Bahri north that resulted in the destruction of dozens of military vehicles and deaths, including prominent leaders.

Another group of the militia rebels in Nyala tried to attack our forces, but were forced to flee after the 16 infantry division were deployed and dealt with them decisively, causing huge losses to them.

We renew our warning to our dear citizens that the rebel militias now wear uniforms like that of the armed forces and demand that they evacuate their homes under the disguise of being part of the army. We would like to point out that the army has not and will not ask its people to evacuate their homes, and that we call on them to hold on to it and not give the chance for vandalizers and rebels to take over it like it has on other parts of the national capital.

We continue to observe and detect movements of the rebel militia inside and outside Khartoum and are ready to deal decisively with any changes to the situation .

The armed forces renews it call to members of the rebel militia on the futility of continuing a losing battle, and to take advantage of the general amnesty of the commander in chief of the army by reporting to the nearest military unit or post in all parts of the country. We also would like to point out that the armed forces is ready to facilitate the transport of foreign mercenaries to their countries upon surrender safely.

Office of the spokesperson of the armed forces

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