The Journey of Searching for Violations !! Wednesday, May 24, 2023

By Dr. Salma Nour Eldin

The remnants of the former regime within the armed forces did not find anything to document in terms of violations in the accounts of the ceasefire and confrontation between the army of Al-Burhan and the Rapid Support Forces, except for false and exposed breaches. They hoped to occupy the Ahmed Qasim Hospital in Khartoum Bahri. However, lively responses quickly emerged, exposing the lies and a number of video clips from inside the hospital, talking about the falsehood and lies of the propagators. Accompanying individuals came out speaking and expressing their astonishment at the rumor because removing those with chronic diseases from the hospital means killing them, and the live recordings convey the pulse of the hospital and the patients as they lie on the beds receiving treatment in complete tranquility.
More than five automatic videos depicted the state of the hospital functioning as usual, but these individuals want to continue their demonization campaigns against the Rapid Support Forces, and the citizens are responding to them.
Unfortunately, these hawks and war merchants have turned the battle from the field of combat to the field of media after the defeats they suffered, in order to spread lies. However, this magic eventually backfires and turns against the magician.
The Rapid Support Forces have demonstrated high discipline in ceasing fire, and the defeated resorted to gaining multiple points. If only they had adhered to the principle, as the facts have become clear to everyone.

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