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The situation of the Sudanese in Egypt

  • * The official spokesperson for the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said:
    Have you ever wondered what Egypt has done for the Sudanese arrivals since the beginning of the crisis: Granting entry to 164,000 Sudanese so far. Issuing thousands of visas for our Sudanese brothers. Allow women, children, and the elderly to enter without a visa. 30 tons of medical supplies to Port Sudan. Facilitating the delivery of dozens of tons of international humanitarian aid. Enhance border crossing operations with additional personnel and equipment. 15 mobile clinics and several fixed clinics and pharmacies. 12 medical convoys. Free cell lines. Thousands of hot meals. Allocating 13 ambulances to the Egyptian side of the border. Providing 1050 chronic patients with medicines. 157 intensive care cases. 120 major surgeries. 100 cases of dialysis. 15,000 hygiene kits. Free transfer from border crossings. Free access to health care, education, and other essential services. The humanitarian center was established by the Egyptian Red Crescent at the border crossings. Freedom of movement. There are no border closures. There are no refugee camps. There are no restrictions on movement. There are no discriminatory actions. There are no forced returns.
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