Citizens welcome the success of the recent truce and hope for the development of a permanent cease-fire


Large segments of citizens in Sudan welcomed the success of the recent (72) truce between the armed forces and the Rapid Support Forces, despite minor violations by the army, and considered the degree of great commitment to the ceasefire a positive indication of a long truce that would develop into a permanent ceasefire.
Citizen Musa Abdel-Wahhab said that the truce, according to their follow-up, succeeded greatly, indicating that in the south of Khartoum they did not witness any clear violations, except for light ones on the part of the armed forces. Moussa stressed the need for the truce to develop into a permanent cessation of hostilities between the two parties to the conflict, pointing to As citizens, they are the most affected by indiscriminate aerial bombardment and heavy artillery strikes.

Moussa expressed his hope that both the army and the RSF would realize the scale of the disaster left by the war and would end the crisis from which the simple citizen was born.
In the context, Hajja Bakhita said that the recent truce for them was successful and gave hope that the two sides could move to the point of dialogue and reach an agreement that would stop the war completely, indicating that the biggest losers from this particular war are the citizens, indicating that the people can no longer bear the effects of the war and yearn for the return of life. back to normal.
In the context, the teacher, Nizar Babiker, said that the citizens are the most happy with the success of the truce, because it means that the two parties have reached the need to pay attention to the citizen, end his suffering, and empower him.
From the arrival of humanitarian aid to alleviate the severity of the crisis and its dire effects.

Nizar said that the success of the armistice means the possibility of stopping the war completely and bringing it back to life.
Since last April 15, the army and the Rapid Support Forces have entered into an open war that has left huge losses in lives and property.

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