Distraction of consciousness

Mohamad Saad
Unfortunately, what is happening in Sudan is a scattering of theDistraction of consciousness
This battle is not a battle of existence and number
Rather, it is a battle of awareness in a war that only those who realize, learn and experience can win
(Gustave Le Bon mentions in his book Psychology of the Masses) that individuals lose their personal characteristics with groups, and the loss of individuals to their properties means that they lose consciousness. Absence of the mind is the highest stage of societal decay.
Therefore, all blocs, groups, trends, and ideas work to distract the mind and make it at the extreme point of accepting the other, and they do not even accept approaching the area of ​​thinking or trying to think. We only accept our ideas and our fatwas, and when we remain insistent on not accepting the other or the middle solution.
And this is the true meaning of extremism, which we will soon face in all its frightening forms in Sudan, unless these parties make sense.
The ultimate goal in all wars in the Third World for these groups is the obscuration of the mind, which means the absence of the gray area or its non-acceptance. Therefore, it is not possible for them not to be extremists who have lost their thinking and consciousness, even if they have a number of understanding as the scum of a torrent.
One of their characteristics is that they only engage in personal conversation, which is the lowest stage of discussion and discourse.
Likewise, they are judges who only issue their rulings and do not accept an excuse, and the circle continues to revolve around them until they gnaw at each other.
✍🏼 m.saad

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