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Important statement fromthe Vice President of the Sudanese Sovereign Council Malik agar

I had a meeting this morning with Professor Philotheus Faraj, a priest at the Church of the Two Martyrs and an international peace ambassador. We talked about the dire situation of the Sudanese stuck at the border crossings throughout the course of the conversation. He additionally presented me a list of the names of the Coptic sect’s stranded daughters and sons.

I listened to his explanation of the state of the Khartoum church following the Rapid Support Forces attack, as well as the damage that was done to the church and the buildings attached to it. I also promised that when I meet with the Egyptian government in the following days, I will bring up the problem of the Sudanese stranded at the border crossings between Egypt and Sudan.

We also reached consensus on a number of matters pertaining to the Coptic community in Sudan, which will be considered as soon as the war is over. My trip to the Egyptian capital is part of our plan that includes meetings with the Egyptian government and the Arab League regarding the stability of the region and the people of Sudan.

In these crucial times, I can’t help but issue a call to action to our people across all political and social divides, as well as to local leaders, asking them to fulfil their responsibilities by condemning hate speech, feeding racist and exclusive ideologies, and promoting the acceptance of the other and the peaceful coexistence for which Sudan has been known since ancient times. Father Philotheus Faraj offered prayers for peace in Sudan at the conclusion of the meeting.

I’ll keep having meetings with Egyptian social and political leaders while I’m visiting.

May God keep Sudan and its people safe.

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