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Important statement fromthe Vice President of the Sudanese Sovereign Council Malik agar

This morning, I met with His Excellency Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi in the presence of the chief of the Egyptian intelligence service, General Abbas Kamel.

We discussed the evolution of the situation in Sudan and the hardships endured by the Sudanese, both at home and at the border crossings, during the discussion. We also discussed the various initiatives and efforts to end the crisis and restore peace and stability to the Sudan. I reaffirmed to the Egyptian president my keenness and efforts to maintain the continuity of the work of the state apparatus in providing essential services to the Sudanese and prevent the country from sliding towards an all-out civil war.

In this context, I thanked the Arab Republic of Egypt for its significant humanitarian role in hosting Sudanese on Egyptian soil and providing humanitarian assistance to Sudan. We also discussed how to surmount obstacles in front of those stranded at the crossings and how to facilitate the process of the entering and stay of Sudanese, which will be facilitated by positive measures in the coming days.

His Excellency President Al-Sisi emphasized that Egypt will continue to provide support and assistance to Sudan and its people, highlighting the historical ties between the two peoples and the common strategic interest that binds the two brotherly countries, and reiterating his support for efforts to achieve a permanent and comprehensive ceasefire and stopping of the fighting and to initiate a process of peaceful dialogue leading to the achievement of the will of the Sudanese people of security and stability.

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