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The Great Lakes Organization condemns the rebellion in Sudan

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Spokesman (FAO) – The Angolan Academy of the Great Luanda
on Saturday morning, Democratic and Sudan Kango. The Delegation of Sudan presides over the Ambassador to Daffallah Haj Ali, the Special Envoy of the President of the Commission.

The summit has participated in a large number of heads of state, governments and representatives, as the meeting presided over the President of the Republic of Angola, the current president of the International Conference on Great Lakes.

The Special Envoy made a report on the situation in Sudan from the rebellion of the rapid support forces and the multiple violations, as well as the efforts made by the Government of the Sudan for the return of the situation for its nature, and demanded the summit envoy to condemn the insurgency.

The summit has issued its final statement, which participated in the delegation of Sudan in its formulation, including a paragraph condemning the insurgency and escalation, and an investigative escalation, confirmed the need for coordination and consultation with Sudan in each resolution initiative, The statement called for an immediate ceasefire and appealed to an end to the fight and welcomed the expansion of the umbrella of the political process.

Saturday, 2023/6/3

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