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Wagner in Sudan

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In a similar way to declaring a rebellion against the Russian army, the commander of “Wagner” accused the Russian army on Friday of bombing camps for its forces in Ukraine, killing a “huge” number of members of his group, vowing revenge.
In Sudan, Wagner created media campaigns to help the isolated Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir remain in power, by calling for accusing the demonstrators of being pro-Israel and anti-Islam.” Wagner also strengthened its relations with the Rapid Support Forces in 2021 and 2022, although it previously supported Abdel Fattah al-Burhan Who is now fighting these forces, and while Wagner’s attention is directed to an internal conflict with the Russian government, this matter is calculated in favor of Sudan, as the interest of these forces may turn to a problem greater than the conflict in Sudan and the support of either party.
Sudanese politics, since 1998 when former President Omar al-Bashir overthrew the power at the time, has tended to consolidate relations with Russia in all aspects, taking advantage of the divergence between Russia and America, which in turn, the Sudanese government returned and imposed sanctions on it, the effects of which are still remaining to this moment.

  • Wagner and the support of the Rapid Support Forces *
    A few days ago, CNN published a detailed investigation accusing the Russian “Wagner” group of supporting the Rapid Support Forces in the ongoing battles in Sudan.
    CNN quoted intelligence officials and eyewitnesses as saying that Wagner is arming the support forces with weapons through supply routes in the Darfur region. According to the American network’s investigation, which lasted for several months, Wagner’s supplies to the support forces began before the outbreak of the Sudanese crisis. This may also affect the course of the battles in Sudan in the event that wanger’s support for the Rapid Support Forces stops, due to its previous preoccupation with the war against Ukraine and now with its declaration of rebellion against the Russian government.
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