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A statement from the governor of Khartoum about the current situation

  • state conditions* The current situation does not allow us to make an inventory of the number of those affected
    There is a weakness in the “humanitarian aid” provided to the state, and it is necessary to provide safe paths for its arrival.
    — The Ministry of Finance has procedures in place to provide liquidity for payroll processing.
    Reforming the Bank of Sudan’s network system for processing salaries within a week.
    State workers have not paid their salaries for three months, and state employees are suffering because they are not paid.
    Khartoum is the state most affected by the repercussions of the war.
    Khartoum state agencies manage the affairs of the state through “crisis committees.”
    The army’s military operations are proceeding rapidly, and every day the circle of safe areas is expanding.
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