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Campaign to support the sudanese army


An Open letter
Honorable António Guterres, Secretary General of the United Nations,
Honorable Joe Biden, President of the United States,
Honorable Members of Senate Committee on Foreign Relations
Honorable Members of House Committee on Foreign Affairs
Honorable members of the foreign service community.
Honorable Human Rights defenders and peace lovers .

Greetings Honorable,
The international community, led by the United States, is watching with bewildering indifference the critical situation that our country, Sudan, is undergoing due to the insurgency by the militia of the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) against the Sudanese people. The Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) is a legitimate institution entrusted by the Sudanese people and the constitution to defend the country’s sovereignty and national integrity and protect public and private properties. We consider the insurgence of the (RSF) as a new chapter in the repeated conspiracy against the Sudan since its independence from the British colonization in 1956; the people of Sudan have confronted this conspiracy throughout their history with outstanding awareness and bravery. They have sacrificed precious lives and unquestionably showcased their desire to obtain an elected political system that guarantees the Nation’s freedom, stability, prosperity and preserves the unity and integrity of their land.

Despite the courage demonstrated by the people of Sudan in expressing their legitimate aspirations and the sacrifices they made to preserve their freedom and dignity. It is sad that the international community, including the United States of America, continues to pursue policies deliberately ignore the realities on the ground and adopt approaches contrary to the interests of the people of Sudan and disregard their right in having a stable, democratic free country. They, instead, support corrupt national political factions which consistently try to hijack the great revolutions of the Sudanese people and reproduce dictatorships that dominated Sudan throughout various eras of the contemporary history of the Sudan. Unfortunately, these corrupt policies have led to the current mounting violence in Sudan by encouraging the rebel RSF militia and its political allies to initiate an insurgence against the state, causing the displacement of hundreds of thousands of Sudanese civilians from their homes besides committing severe documented violations of international humanitarian law, raping, ethnic cleansing and humiliating of the Sudanese people under the watchful eyes and organizations of the international community, which shows a passive and complicit stance towards these tragic atrocities. The international partners of the Sudan failed to acknowledge the interference of individuals, institutions, regional actors and countries by providing different types of assistance to the RSF militia, including military support. These conspiracies dragged the Sudan into the current situation and threaten to engulf the whole region and the African Continent into an infernal cycle of destabilization and instability.

We, as Sudanese people, with our diverse races, political orientations, and cultural and religious backgrounds, wish to assure you of the following:

First: The Sudanese people are predominantly conservative Muslim population, with values of tolerance and peaceful coexistence prevailing among its constituents. We demand from all to respect our values and caution against manipulating our tolerance to impose guardianship by promoting anything contrary to the Sudanese moral values. Experience has proven the impossibility of such actions, regardless of the increasing pressures.
Second: We support and empower the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) to continue its efforts to realize the legal authority and decisively deal with the insurgency of the Rapid Support Forces and confront all other forms of threats and challenges facing the country.
Third: The people of Sudan have the right to enjoy freedom and democracy and exercise their inherent right to elect their representatives through free and fair, and internationally monitored elections leading to the formation of a democratic government without any external interference.
Fourth: We extend our hands to our friends around the world and affirm our willingness to cooperate with them based on the principles of mutual respect and mutual benefit, without guardianship, dominance, or preconceived models. We look forward to building effective economic partnership with friendly countries to benefit from our unlimited and unsealed resources in a way that serves the interests of the Sudanese people.
Fifth: the people of Sudan will remain vigilant, united, and ready to confront any conspiracies against their sovereignty, safety, and national integrity. They will determinedly work towards achieving their aspirations in a secure and stable homeland under righteous democratic rule.
Finally: we call on the Secretary-General of the United Nations, the international community and US President Joe Biden and the Congress to take all necessary measures to assist in restoring security and stability in the Sudan and to prevent all sorts of irresponsible actions and policies that could result in a new genocide that can destabilize the Sudan and the whole continent of Africa.


Date: July 15,2023

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