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General Command of the armed forces Sunday, 9th July 2023

In the frame of media disinformation and continuous lies adopted by the rebel militia to cover its violations and crimes on civilians, it issued a statement on Saturday accusing the armed forces of carrying out an air strike in Omdurman resulting in the deaths and injury of civilians.

The armed forces would like to clarify that it did not carry out an air strike on Saturday on any enemy targets in Omdurman.

We have clarified on many occasions that the militia resorts of shelling residential areas with artillery and rockets at the same that the planes of the armed forces are flying in an attempt to falsely accuse the armed forces of targeting civilians.

We would also like to point out that the people of Sudan will not fall for these lies after it has become clear that this militia does not hesitate to kill, plunder and seize the property of citizens and violate their honor since the beginning of its doomed rebellion.

Office of the spokesperson of the armed forces

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