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General command of the armed forces Thursday, 20th July 2023

Situation report

The enemy today bombed Block 61 and 63 in Arkaweet and Alkalakla Al-Guba with mortar shells and sent a team to film the aftermath and accuse the armed forces. These are repeated attempts to deceive the public who no longer belief their exposed lies.

Operations are ongoing to deal with a number of hostile targets around Elobeid city where gatherings of the rebel militia there were destroyed.

Combing and special operations in the central area of the capital are going as planned, where a number of outposts of the rebel militia in south Omdurman were dealt with and a number of armed vehicles destroyed.

Our forces clashed with the rebel militia during the combing operation of Abu Saad to old Shigla station and killed twelve rebels while the remaining fled.

Our forces set up a successful ambush for the rebels in Jabra, resulting in the killing of six rebels and the capturing of a number of weapons.

Our forces continue to deal with hostile targets inside and outside the capital and are fully alert and ready to deal with the intentions of the enemy and their mobilisation in every part of the country.

Office of the spokesperson of the armed forces

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