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The secession of South Sudan

July 9, 2023

The Torit garrison rebelled to ignite a war in southern Sudan in 1955 that lasted 17 years and stopped in 1972 with the Addis Ababa Agreement signed between the government of Jaafar Nimeiri and the Sudan Liberation Movement under the auspices of Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia.
The war broke out again in 1983, and it was fiercer and stronger, led by Colonel Dr. John Garang, leader of the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement.
It turned into a religious war and deepened the division after the coup of the Islamic Movement in 1989 and its declaration of jihad in southern Sudan, and it lasted for 22 years.
It stopped with the Naivasha Agreement in the year 2005 signed between the National Congress Government and the People’s Movement and ended with the lowering of the flag of Sudan from its south and the division of Sudan and the declaration of its south as an independent state on this day 09/July/2011AD
During the 50 years from 1955-2005, the harvest of the war was the killing of more than one and a half million Sudanese citizens, and the displacement of millions of citizens fleeing the hell of war, they spent their lives outside their homes as displaced persons and refugees. As for the material losses, they are countless and countless.

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