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All regions and divisions outside the capital are stable with the Grace of Allah

General Command of the Armed Forces
Sunday, 20th August 2023

Situation report

All regions and divisions outside the capital are stable with the Grace of Allah.

Our forces in Al-Shajara military region with the help of Allah managed to destroy several attempts of failed attacks by the rebel militia on the armoured corps and the ammunition complex. Our forces displayed epic heroism and inflicted huge losses on them, including hundreds killed and injured and the destruction of five T55 tanks and two M/I cannon vehicles and a large number of fighter vehicles that are currently being counted. The armed forces also captured three tanks and a number of armed vehicles and the remaining enemy fled. The use of a large number of minors and underaged was noted, adding to the war crimes and continuous violation of the rebels to international humanitarian laws.

The rebels during their escape launched mortar shelling towards Al-Salama, leading the death of six civilians and the wounding of several others currently being counte. They also shooted Karari Albalad village , which led the death of (2) women and (8) civilians injured .This is a habit the rebel militia has developed and repeated in a number of areas.

The Special Missions Forces continues its work in the central capital, and continues to inflict huge losses on the rebels.

Our forces continue to monitor the intentions of the rebels closely and are fully prepared to deal with them with force and decisiveness.

Victory from Allah is near
Shame and disgrace to the rebel militia

Office of the spokesperson of the armed forces.

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