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General Command of the Armed Forces Wednesday, 16th August 2023

Situation report

In its continuous violation against civilians, the rebel militia today carried out random shelling in Shambat district which resulted in the killing and wounding of several civilians, while forces from the rebel militia in Al-Mawalid district in Omdurman forced the residents of the district to evacuate their homes and proceeded to loot properties from all the houses in the district.

Our forces in Kadugli repelled a failed attack by the Sudan’s People Liberation Movement and inflicted huge losses on the enemy by destroying two tanks and a number of fighter vehicles and capturing two tanks and killing about 40 rebels. The remaining enemy forces dispersed and fled.

A force from the rebel militia on eight vehicles attempted to cross into some of the defense positions around Bahri military area and were repelled, with five rebels killed and a number of weapons captured while the enemy was chased away.

The special missions forces continue their operations successfully in different parts of the capital and inflict continuous losses on the rebels.

Our forces launched strikes on a number of hostile targets in Al-bageir and Soba and other regions, and inflicted huge losses on the rebels in terms of personnel and fighter vehicles.

Our forces are closely monitoring all the movements and intentions of the rebel militia inside and outside the capital and are ready to deal with it decisively.

Office of the spokesperson of the armed forces

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