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Important statement fromthe Vice President of the Sudanese Sovereign Council Malik agar

Today, I met with the diplomatic representatives of a number of Arab, African and Western countries, as well as the leaders of international organizations and United Nations bodies and agencies present in Sudan.

Our discussion at the meeting was characterized by frankness and clarity in dealing with the situation in Sudan, and together we reviewed the steps taken in the road map to stop the war that I announced last week, stressing that some parties sought to impose solutions imported from abroad or based on foreign agendas or the agendas of some neighboring countries is something that will not succeed and will be a recipe for more instability in Sudan, and the only solution is through the humility of all Sudanese parties, to sit down and listening to each other.

And I assured them that the government of Sudan welcomes all the efforts made to stand with Sudan and the Sudanese in their current crisis, and that the government of Sudan will support and remove all the obstacles they are facing, calling on everyone, especially the international relief agencies of the United Nations, to extend a helping hand to Sudan with a purely humanitarian agenda and not a political one.

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