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In a surprising announcement, the Sudanese government is presenting a road map for an immediate cessation of hostilities


The Sudanese government submitted – in a sudden announcement – a road map based on an immediate cessation of hostilities and the launch of a comprehensive dialogue that establishes a transitional phase. A road map to end the current crisis, he added that the road map is the first step that will lead to holding democratic elections in the country, pointing out that a comprehensive political process will follow the completion of the road map and includes all civil political forces interested in establishing the Sudanese state.

(Malik Aqar) called on the Rapid Support Forces to take a responsible look at the developments taking place, and said that the reasons for the fighting announced by the Rapid Support Forces were overshadowed by a series of crimes and violations, stressing that the Rapid Support Forces must be aware that there are no two armies in one country..

He announced his apology to the Sudanese people for “failing to establish the Sudanese state, stressing his commitment to make every effort to stop the war, and said that the priorities of the coming period begin with implementing the road map, to end the war, deliver aid to all parts of Sudan, communicate with all parties, and prevent the spread of war to the rest of Sudan’s parties.” ..

He added that the situation requires us to form a government to run state affairs, and that the founding period that follows the war will be devoted to reconstruction and institution building, and stressed that the partisan competition approach and the culture of excluding the other cannot continue, calling on Islamists to review their experience during the past 30 years, describing that experience as “Expired Goods”.

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