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Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Office of the Official Spokesperson and Media Department

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs read with astonishment and deep displeasure a tweet by the US ambassador in Khartoum, in which he spoke of “two warring parties” in Sudan, and that neither of them is fit to rule.

This inappropriate comment is not only a departure from diplomatic norms and rules of dealing between countries and mutual respect for each other’s sovereignty, but also contradicts the requirements of diplomatic courtesy and professionalism. It also expresses the American ambassador’s lack of respect for the Sudanese people and their independence by appointing himself as their guardian, who determines for him who is suitable or not suitable for his rule.

The comment ignored the fact that the armed forces, the National Army of Sudan, are defending the country and its people against a terrorist and criminal militia that practices the worst atrocities known to humanity during this century, and which the statement of the US State Department spokesman itself condemned yesterday, part of which is related to sexual violence and violence against women , which is systematically practiced by the rebel militia. The US ambassador’s comment contradicts the statement of his country’s Foreign Ministry

Considering the Sudanese Armed Forces an equivalent party to the criminal militia embodies a lack of fairness and moral consistency, and includes an insult to the Sudanese people who rally around their armed forces defending their security, safety, honor and right to a decent life. It is also an encouragement to the rebel militia to continue its crimes as a party to a political conflict.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs indicates that the irrational external interference in the affairs of our country and the attempt to impose political prescriptions that do not enjoy a national consensus were among the reasons for the outbreak and continuation of the war.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs expects the US ambassador and his country’s government to correct this unbalanced and defective position… and for the ambassador to refrain from statements that contradict diplomatic norms and rules… and do not help to get out of the crisis that our country is going through. Especially at a time when the two countries are working to strengthen bilateral relations and cooperation in all fields.
Issued in Khartoum, August 26, 2023

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