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Ministry of Foreign Affairs – press release

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The Sudanese government has been alerting the international community to the terrorist and criminal nature of the rebel militia, represented by the use of civilians as human shields, the targeting of unarmed citizens, especially women and children, sexual violence, and the recruitment of child fighters. These practices put the rebel militia in the same gendarmerie as ISIS groups, Boko Haram, and the Ugandan Lord’s Army movement, which the international community has classified as terrorist groups that threaten international and regional security.

The suicidal attempt by the rebel militia to attack the armored corps in Khartoum, in which it employed large numbers of children and minors as fighters, revealed that the militia does not give any weight to human, moral and religious considerations, the standards of international humanitarian law or even common sense and what it entails in protecting children and keeping them away from The scourge of war, as expressed in the United Nations Convention to Prevent the Recruitment and Use of Children in War and the appointment of a special rapporteur on the matter, instead the militia insists on using children as fuel in its war aimed at kidnapping the state and subjugating society.

This comes at a time when there are frequent reports and reports of the militia’s kidnapping of large numbers of girls and women, their use of forced labor, and their exposure to rape, sexual violence, and detention, in order to obtain large sums of money from their families as ransom. This was referred to in the statement of UN experts and rapporteurs last week, including the UN Special Rapporteur on Violence against Women, the Special Rapporteur on Sexual Assault and the Special Rapporteur on Human Trafficking.

These brutal practices represent the worst methods of terrorist groups in terrorizing societies, undermining state institutions, and committing murder, looting, and aggression to impose their political agenda. It is the duty of the international community to classify the rebel militia as a terrorist group, and to provide the necessary support to the Sudanese government, which plays its role in confronting this militia in order to protect its national, regional and international security.

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