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To all those who interested in media freedom ,Tana For media news agency, which has been providing its services in Sudan and many others countries around the region for twelve years in the fields of broadcasting and television production according to professional standards and did not stop doing so in all circumstances until the dam war broke out in Sudan last April.
The building, which includes its offices and studios was at the middle of the clashes and a number of our employees remain stuck in the building for several days under bullets.
After that, the situation of the agency’s headquarters and its broadcasters and editing equipment remained unknown until we were shocked by a picture of a Rapid Support Forces sniper who puts his weapon inside the news hall opposite the office balcony, and uses the agency’s equipment to raise weapons, which represents an explicit violation of all laws and customs that prohibit the use of civilian facilities in wars. We at Tana for Media Agency held rapid support forces the responsibility for the safety of our equipment and devices and any losses that will happen ; especially that the rapid support forces controls the area of the Kuwaiti building towers on Nile Street and the picture shows a member of them inside the agency’s headquarters and their use of it for military purposes which is contrary to the values and ethics of the media profession.

Tana For media – Khartoum

August 11, 2023

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