American newspaper.. UAE arms rapid support

Mohamed wedaā

Sheikh Zayed visited Sudan in 1972 AD and said to Numayri: I hope Abu Dhabi will be like Khartoum.

  • Arming Zayed’s sons for rapid support destroys Khartoum and threatens the entity of the Sudanese state *
  • The Arab League and the African Union did not succeed in reining in the UAE, and failed to stop its interference in Sudan *
  • Uganda, Chad and Libya (Haftar) have become passages for UAE (American) weapons of rapid support *
  • Sudan Gate: The Biden administration is aware of the UAE’s activity in arming the Rapid Support Forces *
    In Jeddah, the Americans agreed to stop the war, and in the field, American weapons are used to prolong the war.
    The American Wall Street Journal published one of its most important reports on the war in Sudan on Thursday, August 10, and issued it by saying that the United Arab Emirates, an ally of the United States, promised to send humanitarian aid to Sudan, and instead sent weapons for rapid support, with the aim of assisting Muhammad Hamdan Dagalo in his endeavor to control On the third largest African country, and it was reported by officials that the Emirati weapons contributed to fueling the fire of war in Sudan and keeping it burning, and the important American newspaper revealed that the Ugandan authorities found the weapons loaded on an Emirati plane that landed at Entebbe Airport, although the plane’s manifesto states Its cargo is humanitarian aid to Sudan, but Ugandan officials revealed that the cargo on this flight consisted of ammunition, machine guns and various weapons, and a Ugandan official said that the plane completed its journey with its cargo to Umm Jaras airport in Chad after they received instructions from their superiors to release the plane and allow it Taking off, and the Wall Street Journal said that the UAE bet on the Daglo family to preserve its interests in Sudan, including obtaining the country’s large gold reserves and controlling Sudan’s ports and vast agricultural lands. In the same context, the newspaper mentioned that sources familiar with the policies of President Biden’s administration towards Africa, She confirmed that Washington is aware of the UAE’s activity in arming the rapid support, and that the administration conveyed its concern about this activity to the Abu Dhabi authorities, while officials suggested that this UAE activity would increase the rift and distance between the UAE and the United States of America.
    In previous articles, since the beginning of the war, I wondered about what the UAE wanted from Sudan, and why it rewarded the Sudanese people with a punishment of a seminar. That was after the appearance of weapons and logistical supplies with the Rapid Support Forces, and I lamented that the sons of Sheikh Zayed forgot the wish of their father, Sheikh Zayed, may God have mercy on him, when he visited Khartoum In the year 1972 A.D. he said to President Nimeiri, may God have mercy on him, (I hope Abu Dhabi will be like Khartoum), and Abu Dhabi has become better than Khartoum thanks to the experiences of the Sudanese. and security for the brothers in the UAE,
    I also wondered about the role of the Arab League in curbing the UAE, and whether it could put an end to the UAE’s interference in Sudan, after the League’s decision that it supports the survival of the legitimate state institutions, and that the League rejects foreign interference in Sudanese affairs, and I wondered about the role of the African Union in stopping Violations by African countries of his decision to refuse to interfere in Sudanese affairs, especially Chad, Uganda and Libya (Haftar) and perhaps other countries have become open passages for sending Emirati weapons to the rebel forces. The fortunes of the Emiratis are based on reckless actions that will only reap catastrophic failure.
    I verified the presence of this report on the newspaper’s website. The report states that the Biden administration is aware of the UAE’s activity in arming the Rapid Support Forces. Did Washington allow the UAE to transfer US weapons to conflict areas in Sudan? And whether this violates congressional policies after allowing the transfer of US weapons to a third party without his consent? Did Congress agree to that? In Jeddah, the Americans support the cessation of the war, and in the field the Rapid Support Forces use American weapons to kill the Sudanese. This is not only double standards, this is American hypocrisy. This is a Sudan that requires Congress to conduct the necessary investigation in it.
    August 12, 2023 AD
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