In coordination with the Sudanese Embassy in Egypt, “The Sudanese-Egyptian Integration Center participates in the 35th Sahara International Exhibition”

Saif al proph

In an important step to enhance bilateral and economic cooperation and exchange of knowledge in the field of energy, agriculture and livestock, the Sudanese-Egyptian Integration Center participated for the second year in a row in the 35th edition of the Sahara International Fair, which was launched at the Cairo International Exhibition Center during the period from 10 to 12 September this year. This is in coordination with the Embassy of the Republic of Sudan in Cairo, and under the supervision and sponsorship of His Excellency Ambassador Mohamed Abdullah Al-Tom, Sudanese Ambassador to Egypt, Sudan’s representative to the League of Arab States,
The participation aimed to shed light on the issues of agriculture and sustainable development in arid and desert regions. Experts and specialists in the fields of agriculture, livestock, renewable energy, agricultural technology, water, and the environment from different parts of the world will gather at the exhibition to exchange knowledge and experiences and present the latest developments and innovations in these fields. Domains.

The participation of the Sudanese-Egyptian Integration Center is a reflection of the scale of bilateral cooperation between Sudan and Egypt in the field of agriculture and livestock, enhancing cooperation and coordination between the two countries in these vital sectors, exchanging expertise and technology, and developing joint projects that benefit the two countries and contribute to achieving food security and promoting sustainable development.

Within the activities of the second day of the exhibition, Dr. Adel Abdel Aziz Al-Faki, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Sudanese-Egyptian Integration Center, presented a working paper entitled “Optimal Use of Renewable Energies to Achieve Food Security.” The paper was witnessed by many interested attendees from different nationalities and experts in the field of agriculture and irrigation, in addition to The presence of Counselor Muhammad Al-Hafiz and Counselor Muhammad Fatah Al-Rahman, members of the diplomatic mission at the Embassy of the Republic of Sudan in Cairo.

Dr. Adel Al-Faki touched on the important investment opportunities in the field of agriculture and livestock in Sudan, and stressed the role of Sudanese-Egyptian integration in strengthening bilateral relations and enhancing food security in the region, through the development and implementation of renewable energy projects, such as solar and wind energy, which enable improved production. agricultural and reduce dependence on traditional energy sources, thus achieving sustainability of food production and providing food security for local and regional communities.

In a related context, Dr. Abdullah Othman, Director General of the Sudanese Integration Center, spoke about the importance of renewable energy, especially wind energy, organic waste, and solar energy, which can play an important role in irrigation operations and improving agricultural productivity in an effective and sustainable manner.

The participation of the Sudanese-Egyptian Integration Center in the Sahara International Exhibition comes within the framework of efforts made to enhance bilateral cooperation and exchange experiences between the two countries in the fields of agriculture and livestock, and reflects the commitment of Sudan and Egypt to enhancing food security and achieving sustainable development in the region.

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