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Ministry of Foreign Affairs Office of the Official Spokesperson and Media Department press release

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs expresses its surprise and denunciation of the abysmal gendarmerie to which the official spokesman for the Chairperson of the African Union Commission in the Sudanese file has descended in his comment today on the statement issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on September 4, a comment that does not deserve a response, had it not been for our pity on the deteriorating level he has reached. The level of some of the employees of an organization of which Sudan was one of its first founders, because its degrading language, crude content, and what it contains of regret confirm what was expressed in the aforementioned ministry statement.

The aforementioned comment will be recorded as the first abnormal and repugnant precedent for a specific employee of the executive body of the Commission, who is accountable to the Executive Council of the African Union, to attack a founding country of the Organization of African Unity in 1963 and the African Union in 2002, and the continental organization will not be able to perform its mission of uniting Africa in its absence. Because it is the one that links all the regions of the continent together and contains all the cultural and ethnic groups on the continent, as well as its economic potential and its ability to feed Africa and beyond.

This downfall from a senior employee in the Office of the Chairperson of the African Union Commission should require a comprehensive review of the way the office is managed and the appointments made to some senior officials that are not subject to a vote from member states, and to ensure that they meet the required level of integrity, professionalism and psychological stability.
Until this happens, it will not be strange for the decisions of some of the Office of the President of the Commission to be characterized by double standards, inconsistency, and serving an agenda that does not represent the interests of the continent and is alien to it.
Khartoum September 8, 2023

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