Great China 2 …buried treasure

I previously wrote an article entitled Great China during my visit to it last year, and I could not describe my astonishment at this great people, their kindness, generosity, and seriousness in working, as well as their government, which I personally dream of having a government like that in Sudan that would raise us to the ranks of great countries like China, which I am almost certain of. There is not a single mistake in it, and to my great astonishment I was looking for shortcomings, negligence, or lack of attention to details, but I did not find it. Everything here is integrated with everything in a system and harmony similar to international symphonies, which I also found in China, surpassing everything I heard.
My visit this time is a kind invitation to attend the conference of the Third Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation, at which the President of the People’s Republic of China, Xi Jinping, said during the opening session, “The original purpose of this initiative is to enhance policy coordination, enterprise interconnection, business communication, money circulation, and people’s rapprochement with all countries of the world, inspired by From the ancient Silk Road, and focusing on communication and interconnection, which adds new driving energy to global economic growth, opens a new field for global development, and constitutes a new platform for international economic cooperation. Over the past decade, we have adhered to the original goal and moved forward hand in hand, and pushed international cooperation. Within the framework of the “Belt and Road” to develop from zero to prosperous and fruitful development)
If we notice that the most important thing stated in Mr. The world benefited directly from it in development and prosperity works, without imposing conditions or blatant interference in internal affairs, as colonial countries do.

As part of the generous visit program, I also visited Shanxi Province, located in the heart of China, which is famous for its coal, as it produces between 60% and 70% of China’s coal resources. In this province, which is rich in coal reserves, you will be amazed by its unique tourism resources that rival coal. Tourism resources are spread throughout Shanxi, and they are valuable resources that play an important role in the development of the regional economy. In recent years, the Shanxi government has been working on restructuring industries and focusing on transforming the growth pattern. The economy is transformed from the traditional style to a modern style. It also works on the tourism, coal and chemical industries, integrating materials and production of equipment together so that they become one of the pillars of industries in Shanxi, in addition to the world-famous heavy industries such as manufacturing and exporting heavy machinery parts. It is planned that Shanxi’s annual income from tourism will reach ten billion US dollars. I was very surprised by a huge theatrical show that told great historical stories through a huge and professional show that surpasses Broadway shows.

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