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General Command of the Armed Forces


In context of its war against the nation and the Sudanese people and its irresponsible behaviour towards vital facilities in the country, a fuel tanker belonging to the militia exploded in the Khartoum refinery of Al-Jaily. The tanker was brought in to take fuel without abiding by the safety measures taken at such sensitive facilities, which led to fire breaking out at the Nile company department and put the refinery and those in it at risk.

The armed forces holds the rebel and terrorist Rapid Support Forces responsible for the destruction that can result from such barbaric behaviour which puts the lives of those in the area and around the vital facility at grave risk and costs the country its most important national assest which belongs to the people of Sudan.

It’s worth noting that the militia had occupied the refinery since the start of its doomed rebellion and still stations its forces inside it and has been forcefully taking fuel in this manner. It has also recently occupied Belila oilfield and it’s expected that it will carry out the same irresponsible pattern that is destructive to oil facilities in the country.

Office of the spokesperson of the armed forces
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