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RSF militia destroyed Shambat Bridge to stop the SAF advance towards Bahri and Khartoum.


I believe what the spokesperson of the General Command of (SAF) said is true. All news from reliable sources confirmed that SAF is advancing in Omdurman. The main military areas in North and South Omdurman resumed connection two weeks ago. It was clear that RSF will lose Omdurman very soon and SAF will be able to cross the Shambat Bridge to Khartoum North (Bahri) where the Signal Unit is located less than 5 km from the bridge. Signal is already connected to SAF General Command Compound in Khartoum.
As shown in the map, it is clear that RSF destroyed the Shambat Bridge (yellow circle) to prevent SAF from possibly advancing towards the General Command (red arrow).
RSF’s crime of destroying infrastructure in Khartoum adds to its record against stability in Sudan and the region.

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