The Updated Holocaust


After 90 years, we Arabs discovered that denying the Holocaust and anti-Semitism was a mistake, because it is happening to us and our land right now. The denial was a big mistake, just like underestimating the Corona virus in America when it started claiming lives in China, and was called ‘Kung Flu’ in the US, and subsequently the pandemic killed a million American citizens.
The cause of the Holocaust is more dangerous than just “anti-Semitism” because it started with the superiority of the Aryan race to the point where disabled Germans were exterminated so that the government could be assured of the purity of the Aryan race of what they consider (failed versions), then the plan was developed to cleanse the country of other races, and therefore the Jews were mercilessly exterminated and others were also killed.
The Israeli government is now following the same trend of cleaning Gaza of Palestinians by expelling them to Sinai, Egypt.
Voices in America and the West who support this evil plan do so not because they hate the Palestinians or the Egyptians, but because they believe in the superiority of the Israelis over the Arabs, and maintain this superiority by polishing it with democratic practices in Israel, (the democracy of electing extremist settlers to steal more land)
Therefore, it is true that they fell into the trap of believing in Israeli superiority.
If you look at the Holocaust from this angle and hear the statements of many Westerners about the democratic superiority of the Israelis over the Arabs, you would know that talking about forced displacement for Palestinians to Sinai is not a mere “distraction.”
This superiority, by the way, applies to the Arabs, all Arabs, including the fresh idiots in international politics who think that adhering with suspicious complicity to extremist Israeli solutions would make them safe. This is an illusion like the illusion of every Jew in Hitler’s time that if he were on the side of the Nazis he would be saved from them, while the Nazis would kill a German citizen if he had no foot! How then if the person does not have the whole Aryan body.

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