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Commissioner of the Human Rights Commission

I met with Mawlana Jumah Al-Wakil Al-Aiasir, Commissioner of the Human Rights Commission, which is an independent national commission that previously worked under the supervision of the Presidency of the Republic of Sudan and is currently working under the supervision of the Council of Ministers.

The Commissioner presented me with a report on the human rights situation in the country and the progress of the monitoring and documentation of the human right violations.

He also gave a briefing about the progress of the work of their program that the Commission began implementing, regarding the human rights violations accompanying the recent battles in Sudan.

The Commissioner also informed me that the Commission has five offices currently, in Darfur in the city of El Fasher, the Kordofan region in the city of Kadugli, an office in the Blue Nile Region, as well as Kassala State, and an office in the northern region in the city of Dongola.

He briefed me on the challenges that is facing the Commission, and despite these challenges, they have not stopped and will not stop performing their duty.

We reached understandings on administrative issues, which I will disclose after addressing them. We also discussed the structure of the Commission and the completion of what remains of its structure.

May God protect Sudan and the people of Sudan

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