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Deputy Head of the Sovereignty Council Malik Agar – Adoption of a Roadmap to End the War

El Gedaref, 5th December 2023

Deputy Head of the Transitional Sovereignty Council, Mr. Malik Agar, announced the adoption of a roadmap to end the war and build the Sudanese state based on the rule of law, asserting state authority, and drafting the country’s constitution in preparation for the upcoming elections.

Addressing the Coordination Forum for Regional Governors and State Governors in El Gedaref state today, Agar stated that the current war is a resource war, not initiated by Sudanese people but rather supported by external entities. The Rapid Support Forces militia, he noted, has been instrumental in promoting this war with the aim of occupation and settlement, not for the alleged purpose of achieving democracy.

Agar emphasized the necessity of turning a new page to establish a national army that accommodates diversity and quality, aiming to prevent the fragmentation of the Sudanese state.

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