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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Sudan reports that it has received a memorandum from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of the Republic of Djibouti, Chairman of the IGAD session, dated today, December 27, stating that the commander of the rebel Rapid Support Forces was unable to arrive in Djibouti to hold the meeting that was scheduled for tomorrow, Thursday, December 28, 2023, in the capital, Djibouti, with Lieutenant General Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan Abdel Rahman, Chairman of the Transitional Sovereignty Council, for technical reasons, it said.

Coordinating again to hold the meeting next January 2024.

It is worth noting that His Excellency Lieutenant General Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, out of his keenness, in his capacity as President of the Transitional Sovereignty Council and Commander of the Armed Forces, must end the suffering of the Sudanese caused by the militia rebellion. He formally expressed his approval for the IGAD presidency to hold the meeting and was ready to leave for Djibouti this Wednesday evening.

Until it was announced that the meeting had been postponed this afternoon.

The Government of Sudan regrets the procrastination of the rebel militia leadership in arbitrating a vote

Reason, and its unwillingness to stop the destruction of Sudan and its people, and this is evident from its lack

Their response to attending tomorrow’s meeting.

God bless Sudan and its people.

Issued on Wednesday, December 27, 2023 AD

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