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President of the Sovereignty Council, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces: What happened in Madani, every negligent person will be held accountable, and there is no courtesy in that.

Al-Burhan: The armed forces will remain cohesive, strong, and Sudan’s safety valve.

The Commander-in-Chief confirms the regular forces’ keenness to eliminate the rebel Rapid Support militia.

Port Sudan, December 21, 2023 AD

The Chairman of the Transitional Sovereignty Council and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Lieutenant General Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, confirmed that the Armed Forces will remain cohesive, strong, and a safety valve for Sudan, stressing the keenness of the various regular forces to eliminate the rebel Rapid Support militia.

The Chairman of the Council said during his address to the officer of the Red Sea Military District, “What happened in Madani in the state of Al-Jazeera. Every negligent person will be held accountable, and there is no courtesy in that.”
Adding that we will win with the determination and insistence of the armed forces and the Sudanese people, “and we will fight to defeat and defeat the rebel militia and its aides from the political forces that seek to rule the country through the remains of the Sudanese people, and we say to them, ‘If you want to rule Sudan except through elections,’ adding that victory will be ours,” appealing to everyone not to pay attention to the spreaders of rumors spread by agents aimed at discrediting the armed forces and the Sudanese people and spreading terror and fear in the hearts of citizens. He added, “We reassure the citizens that the army will fight to the last soldier so that the people of Sudan enjoy security and stability, and the armed forces will not fall,” indicating that everyone who cooperated with the rebel militia will pay the price for his cooperation.

Al-Burhan saluted the martyrs of the armed forces and other regular forces, and the rally of the Sudanese people and the armed movements around its military leadership, which continued to fight the support militia, which he described as a “cancer,” pointing to the support of the political forces and traitors to the rebellion in its war against the Sudanese state and the fragmentation of its unity, stressing that every agent and traitor will find deterrence and decisiveness. And accounting.

Al-Burhan touched on the violations and crimes committed by the terrorist Rapid Support militia against citizens and civilian objects. He said, “We are surprised by her statement that they will protect the citizens of the areas they occupied.” He added, “How can this be justified when the militia is occupying homes and looting at the same time?” noting that the world has witnessed the atrocities of the terrorist militia against citizens and destroying state infrastructure.

Once again, he moved forward with the negotiation process, and said, “We will not sign a peace agreement that insults and humiliates the armed forces and the Sudanese people,” and that there must be a ceasefire, and the rebels must leave public facilities, hospitals, and citizens’ homes.

The President of the Council criticized some of the political forces that continued to spread slogans and lies targeting the unity of the national ranks and the armed forces. He said that when the army achieves a victory, those collaborating with the militia spread lies that the armed forces target civilians by flying. Rather, we affirm that the armed forces protect civilians and this is a lie among them, expressing his deep appreciation for the role of the media, journalists, and columnists, and their standing and support for the armed forces in their war against the support militia and its collaborators, and exposing them of the grave crimes and violations they continued to commit.

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