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The Vice president of the sovereignty Council briefed on the plans and programs of the National Border Commission

Port Sudan
The deputy chairman of the transitional sovereignty Council, Mr. Malik aqar air, briefed on the plans, programs and projects of the National Border Commission. During his meeting today in Port Sudan, the head of the National Border Commission, Mr. Abdel Nasser Abdel Kader, stressed the state’s interest and support to the commission and addressing the obstacles it faces to fulfill its required role. The head of the commission said in a press statement that he provided enlightenment to the vice-president of the council about the goals and tasks of the commission, its competencies and the urgent plan of the commission in the wake of the events witnessed in Sudan as a result of the rebellion of the terrorist Rapid Support militia. He pointed out that the meeting touched upon the issues of border crossings with the state of South Sudan and a number of issues of concern to the commission during the coming period

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