There is no alternative to Sisi except Sisi

By : Mohamed saad

Reflecting on blessings can pull people out of the darkness of taking granted the abundant grace they are accustomed to, leading to a loss of gratitude. It is essential to acknowledge the significance of gratitude, bear witness to the blessings of God, and dispel the illusion of entitlement. During my time in Egypt, I encountered some Egyptians complaining about the high cost of living. I start the conversation by asking them if they are safe, if they have food for the day, and if they are in good health. Their positive responses echo the hadith: ‘Whoever among you wakes up secure in his property, healthy in his body, and he has his food for the day, it is as if he were given the entire world.’ I remind them to be thankful for these blessings and that the call for radical change, advocated by those dreaming of destroying nations, may not be the best option for Egyptians.

President Sisi, since taking office in 2014, has initiated a massive development plan for Egypt. His tenure has been marked by the launch of giant national projects, continuing to build and develop major national projects. In a short period, President Sisi has revitalized the country, implementing projects in various sectors such as economy, infrastructure, healthcare, and energy. Notable achievements include the ‘Decent Life’ initiative, the New Administrative Capital, Alamein City, Dabaa Nuclear Power Plant, Zohr gas field, social housing projects, healthcare initiatives, and educational reforms. The Suez Canal expansion, comprehensive health insurance, ending waiting lists, the 100 Million Health initiative, Takaful and Karama program, and various transportation projects demonstrate the transformative progress of the new republic.

President Sisi has succeeded in renewing the nation, creating a historical leap in economy, urbanization, development, facilities, healthcare, energy, and industry. Thousands of new projects have been implemented across Egypt, making it challenging to list them all. Notable examples include the Monorail project, the high-speed train, wastewater treatment plant in Borg El Arab, Borg El Arab International Airport, Sphinx International Airport, and the Black Sands Company complex in El Burullus. The list goes on, symbolizing the historical transformation Egypt has undergone since 2014.””The main control center for the National Emergency and Public Safety Network – The Olympic Village by the Suez Canal Authority – The Investment Zone in Benha – The Integrated Complex for Animal and Dairy Production in Sadat City – Restoration of the Royal Train – Future of Egypt Project for Sustainable Agriculture – Kima “2” Fertilizer Production Plant in Aswan Governorate – Phase One of the Toshka Farm – Benban Solar Energy Stations Complex.

On the political front, political parties welcomed President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi’s response to the national duty and popular call, announcing his candidacy for a new term in the upcoming presidential elections. They emphasized that President Sisi’s candidacy sends a strong message reassuring millions of Egyptians to continue the path of development and construction that began in the country since he assumed office after the glorious June 30 revolution.

The Homeland’s Protectors Party, led by General Jalal El-Haridy, stated that President Sisi’s candidacy is a powerful signal for the continuation of achievements in all fields and across all provinces nationwide. They expressed full confidence in the Egyptian people’s choice, especially considering the clear endorsements for the president’s candidacy since the announcement of the electoral timetable by the National Elections Authority. This, they said, is a clear message that he is the most deserving to undertake the task.

The party reiterated its support for President Sisi in the upcoming presidential elections, committing all its headquarters and resources to the election campaign. They believe in the successes achieved by Egypt and the necessity of completing them for the benefit of the nation and its citizens, calling on all Egyptians to actively participate in the constitutional process to build the future and choose the leader who will lead Egypt towards progress and stability.

The Free Egyptians Party, led by Dr. Essam Khalil, welcomed President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi’s announcement of his candidacy for a new presidential term, urging him to continue the development path that began in 2014. They praised the president’s words at the end of the “Story of a Nation” conference, emphasizing the need to fulfill the dream and his commitment to making this period an extension of Egypt’s aspirations for a future full of prosperity, safety, and a political life brimming with freedom without trespassing or harm.

The party expressed gratitude to the president for responding once again to the calls and pleas of the citizens, which resonated from all corners of the country in harmony with the majority of the Egyptian people’s desire to continue the national project carried by President Sisi since taking office. They believe that his renewed candidacy is a response to the will of the people and an affirmation of their trust, aiming to turn the integrated reality into a service for future generations and reap the fruits of honest and sincere efforts.

The Tomorrow Party, led by Engineer Moussa Mustafa Moussa, conveyed greetings and appreciation to President Sisi for accepting the responsibility again in these challenging circumstances. They stated that the president’s re-entry into the arena based on the popular will is not new, as he has consistently responded to the popular will, respected it, accepted the mission, and shouldered the burdens of continuity and its challenging responsibilities, regardless of the sacrifices involved.

They valued the president’s decision to accept the candidacy as historic, demonstrating his immense patriotism and a strong commitment to his homeland. The decision signifies his determination to confront attempts to seize the state and the nation for the benefit of hostile regimes and with the assistance of terrorist militias supported by those regimes.”In turn, Dr. Jehan Madeeh, the president of the Egypt’s October Party, praised President Sisi’s announcement of his candidacy in the upcoming 2024 presidential elections. She emphasized that his candidacy reflects his commitment to completing the reconstruction of the Egyptian state, ridding it of chaos and terrorism witnessed a decade ago.

She highlighted President Sisi’s role in restoring and solidifying the Egyptian state, leading it towards development, economic restructuring, and modernization. His re-election, she argued, is essential for continuing the successes and achievements of the past 10 years.

Similarly, General Dr. Reda Farhat, the vice president of the Conference Party, expressed gratitude to President Sisi for responding to the Egyptian people’s call to run for another presidential term. He affirmed that Sisi is the most qualified leader for the upcoming phase, ensuring further achievements, security, stability, and development.

Rida Saqr, the president of the Union Party, commended President Sisi’s response to the millions of Egyptians who supported his candidacy, aiming to continue building the state based on modernity and democracy.

He emphasized that Sisi’s decision to run for re-election is not a personal choice but a popular demand reflecting the accomplishments realized under his leadership. Saqr urged Egyptians to fulfill their constitutional duty and support Sisi for a third presidential term.

The question posed to critics and skeptics of the achievements, development, and security measures undertaken by President Sisi is to name a leader who has achieved more during their presidency.

President Sisi’s balanced approach in Egypt’s foreign and domestic policies has successfully solidified the principles of political and sovereign independence.

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