Efforts to Revitalize Dormant Factories in the Red Sea State”

Major Mustafa Mohamed Noor, the Governor of the Red Sea State, accompanied by the Minister of Industry, Ms. Mahasen Ali Yaqoub, conducted a visit to various industrial sectors in Port Sudan. The visit encompassed inspections of the oil, packaging, and tire manufacturing sectors, as well as the (GIAD)Automotive Assembly Complex.
They examined different production stages, commending the collective spirit that overcame challenges faced by the industrial sector recently. Emphasizing the shift to operate in secure states, they pledged to address obstacles affecting manufacturing, particularly issues related to electricity and multiple imposed fees on the sector.
In a related context, Minister Mahasen Ali Yaqoub affirmed the ministry’s support for sincere efforts to overcome obstacles hindering the industrial sector’s revival. She outlined a relief plan focusing on monitoring factories in secure states and attracting industrial investment across all Sudanese states, with a special emphasis on agricultural manufacturing.
She highlighted the ministry’s collaboration with relevant authorities to activate dormant factories in all states, concurrently establishing industry offices in all secure states, in addition to the existing offices.
The visit was coordinated with the General Administration of Industry in the Red Sea State and covered diverse factories, including Rua Oils, Tire Manufacturing, Packaging, and the (GIAD)Automotive Assembly Complex.

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