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“Enforced disappearance of Sudanese women, including minors.”

Republic of Sudan
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Office of the Official Spokesperson and Media Management
Press Release

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has reviewed the report issued by the Strategic Initiative Network for African Women (Siha), a regional civil society organization, yesterday, regarding the crimes of abduction against women and girls by the rebellious terrorist militia.

The network documented 144 cases of abduction and forced disappearance of young women and girls since the militia waged war on the state and the Sudanese people in April last year. It noted that the militia’s entry into new areas results in an increase in the number of abductees. The abducted females are coerced into domestic servitude for militia members, facing the risks of sexual violence, with some being as young as thirteen. Abductions are carried out after threatening families, sometimes accompanied by forced deportation to hide the traces of the crime.

The report aligns with the statement issued on August 17th of last year by thirty-two human rights experts and UN special rapporteurs on issues of women and child protection and combating sexual violence. They warned against the brutal and widespread use of rape, sexual violence, and acts of mockery against women by the terrorist militia. The experts stated that the militia is holding hundreds of women, subjecting them to sexual slavery.

It is known that the militia recruits child fighters, holding thousands of civilians in various areas where they operate, using them as human shields or forced labor in inhumane conditions. These practices resemble those known from terrorist groups, especially the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), Boko Haram, and ISIS. The ministry urges the international community, as well as regional and international organizations, to treat the militia in the same way as these terrorist groups due to its equally terrorist practices.

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