For perfume, it’s a scandal! They resemble each other!

“Dr. Muzamil Abuelgassim

  • Let’s set aside the accusations that have plagued the Forces of Freedom and Change (the Central Council) during the days of war, and inquire about the reasons that placed these forces in the crossfire, branding them with the stamp of rebellion and covering up their horrific crimes with silence, playing the role of its political arm, and supporting it with fronts and entities loyal to corruption, or coordinating their positions with them (at the very least), such as the Central Doctors Committee, the Journalists Union, and others.
  • These forces tried to shift the accusations that followed them onto the remnants of the old regime, seeking to deflect blame and affirming that these accusations stem from positions hostile to them, adopted by the forces of the old system against them. They aimed to criminalize them and exploit the intense public anger towards the Janjaweed’s violations to condemn and embarrass them before the masses that came out to denounce heinous violations and crimes. No one could turn a blind eye or deny them anymore, as citizens documented and proved them beyond any doubt, leaving no room for evasion or denial.
  • In our estimation, these accusations originated from the similarity in approach between the Forces of Freedom and Change on one side and the Rapid Support rebels on the other, in managing the tools of power available to both.
  • The approach is the same, and the style is similar, so it was not surprising for the two sides to converge, even if through an unannounced alliance.
  • The Rapid Support rebels were quick to use the tools of power they possessed to strike down and crush their opponents, preceded by the Forces of Freedom and Change (the Central Council) following the same approach. They employed their authority and a law that scorned the rights outlined in the constitutional document to crush political opponents and seize properties from their owners, using a formidable force wielded by a ruthless political committee called the “Empowerment Removal Committee”!
  • The Rapid Support rebels occupied the national radio and television, attacked the buildings of newspapers and media outlets, attempted to operate them for their own benefit but failed.
  • The Forces of Freedom and Change (the Central Council) preceded them in the same action with the Disarmament Committee, seizing newspapers and TV channels, such as Al Sudan and Al Ray Al Amm, and Tiba Network, and ironically, the Empowerment Removal Committee used the Rapid Support Forces to execute those confiscations. We were eyewitnesses when four Supporter vehicles with soldiers and weapons arrived to seize Al Sudan newspaper at night, proving that the alliance between the two sides is old and did not start with the framework agreement or the current coup.
  • The Rapid Support rebels kidnapped and arrested numerous citizens from the streets and homes during the current war, claiming they were Islamists loyal to the previous regime.
  • The same action was taken by the Forces of Freedom and Change (the Central Council) during their rule, where they threw hundreds of citizens into prisons on charges of being remnants of the old regime, abducted some of them from their homes, imprisoned them without legal procedures or orders from the prosecution. This happened to colleague Ataaf Abdulwahab, the well-known businessman Hisham Hassan (Al Subaat), and others. Dozens of detainees were kept in prisons without trials throughout their rule, in addition to seizing their properties, freezing their assets, and confiscating them… The action is one, even if the style differs.”
  • Rapid Support rebels stormed banks, state institutions, service entities, public and private companies, looted and destroyed them during the current war.
  • Similarly, the Forces of Freedom and Change (the Central Council) invaded many public and private institutions, seized their assets, properties, and assets, violated the sanctity of the banking system by revealing customer accounts, freezing and confiscating them, and dealing with them in a manner contrary to the law. Three finance ministers announced that the ministry did not receive any funds from the Disarmament Committee… The action is one, even if the style differs… and the contempt for the law is evident in both cases.
  • Rapid Support rebels occupied hospitals and all medical facilities by force of arms, turning them into military barracks, depriving citizens of their services, causing the death and deterioration of the health of millions of citizens in the capital.
  • The same action was taken by the Forces of Freedom and Change, which invaded numerous state and private institutions, particularly medical institutions, with their supporters, expelled their directors, replaced them with others based solely on their allegiance (Haj Al-Safi Hospital, for example). The result was a difficult-to-describe destruction of most medical institutions and a terrible decline in their services, at the expense of patients’ health and lives.
  • Many of the heinous crimes and violations committed by the Rapid Support rebels during the current war happened differently during the era of the corrupt government by the order of the Rapid Oppression Committee… The new executioners of the new Pharisees.
  • Rapid Support rebels scorned the law and seized it by force of arms, terrorized the peaceful, destroyed public and private property, disturbed public tranquility, and spread injustice in the streets.
  • Their counterparts in the Central Council (the corrupt government) preceded them with the same actions when they scorned the constitutional document they crafted with their own hands, trampling on it with their shoes to vent their anger, hatred, and revenge against their opponents through a ruthless political committee that usurped the powers of the prosecution and judiciary, disregarding all laws protecting the rights of the accused. They vilified them in the media, judged and convicted them after robbing them of their basic rights. They threw them into prisons without trials, causing some to lose their lives there, depriving tens of thousands of their natural right to work, and not even granting the accused the right to know the charges against them… so they could defend themselves if they could find a way to do so!
  • The Rapid Support rebels did the same thing in their dirty war, causing harm, terror, hunger, and displacement of millions of citizens in the capital.
  • In both cases, the raised slogan was “trampling” using the tools of power available to both parties, regardless of the law.
  • The conferences of the committee of fools, which carried the name “Empowerment Removal,” were much like the “Lands and Lands” program with the invasion of the Janjaweed into homes and their contempt for laws, humiliating people in the streets.
  • There is no significant difference between the trampling of the rights of people by the corrupt government through confiscations and unsupported sanctions and the trampling of the rebels on the homes, shops, vehicles, and properties of the people during the current war. The only difference is that the “corrupt government” wore luxurious civilian attire when they boasted about values of justice, freedom, and the civil state, while being innocent of them, and the “rebel supporters” wear khaki and camo, carry weapons, and chant the phrase “God for worship… and Hemeti for leadership,” while promoting some ridiculous claims about their pursuit of democratic transition and the civil state… before distributing injustice to people in homes, stores, factories, markets, and streets!!
  • Both parties used slogans of civility, freedom, and democracy to spread injustice, vengefulness, and revenge against their enemies. They raised dazzling slogans unsupported by actions and untrusted by deeds, as much as the Machiavellianism of the old allies (the Central Council) is proven.
  • The predecessors were oppressive, tyrannical, corrupt, and the followers are deceitful, deviant, and humiliating… (People’s path, they resemble each other)!
  • They are equally bad… their action is one, and their injustice and ugliness are one… so we were not surprised by their alliance in ugliness, injustice, tyranny, slander, and encroachment on rights.
  • We resembled each other and faced each other… and whoever resembles them, he is accursed… May God disgrace them!!

May 20, 2023

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