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Head of the Sudan Liberation Forces Alliance, Taher Hagar, has cautioned against the peril of the country sliding into the abyss of a prolonged civil war, urging his forces to adhere to the revolutionary path of the movement to prevent any military escalation.

Sabrina Almiligy

Hagar emphasized that maintaining a neutral stance is the safest and politically effective way to end the current crisis and war. He stated that this position was not arbitrary but a result of extensive experience and knowledge of the drawbacks of wars.

He called for a commitment to the movement’s principles of freedom, peace, unity, and democracy. Acknowledging organizational deviations, he described them as insignificant, not impacting the movement’s institutional foundations. Hagar stressed the need for substantial internal discussions and serious deliberations on the decision to enter or avoid war.

Denying what he labeled as malicious rumors aiming to undermine the unity of the movement, Hagar affirmed that they hold no ground within the movement. He urged to ignore them, revealing the entities striving to dismantle the unity of the Sudan Liberation Forces Alliance.

Highlighting the importance of the joint efforts of armed struggle movements in securing trade and humanitarian convoys, protecting the facilities of humanitarian organizations, markets, and civilians, Hagar called for consistent actions aligning with the intended goals of the forces.

Anwar Mohammed “Dabab,” the spiritual guidance director at the Staff Headquarters of the movement, emphasized the moral significance of his presence among his soldiers during the challenging times the country is facing. He called on all Sudanese, especially political actors, to earnestly work towards ending the war and destruction, emphasizing that this catastrophic war brings no victors but only destruction. Dabab underscored the crucial role of unity among armed struggle forces in safeguarding citizens and public and private properties.

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