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Meat imports from Sudan to Egypt declined

The Egyptian Minister of Supply and Trade, Dr. Ali al-Meselhi, revealed to some news agencies that the quantities of meat imported from Sudan have witnessed a decline during the current period compared to the previous year, attributed to the war in Sudan.

During his inspection tour of the warehouse at the West Port Said port, al-Meselhi stated that the Ministry of Supply imports meat from various African sources, including Sudan, Somalia, Kenya, Tanzania, and Chad, through the Sudanese Directions Company for Multiple Investments. Additionally, they import Brazilian and Indian meat through contracts with the General Authority for Supply Commodities.

He added, “The war in Sudan has led to agreements with Djibouti and Somalia to import meat through the Safaga port.”

Al-Meselhi explained that the ministry imports 45% of the local meat market’s needs, while the remaining 55% is provided by livestock farmers in the provinces, national service, and the Ministry of Agriculture. He highlighted that Sudanese fresh meat is offered at a price of 220 Egyptian pounds per kilogram, while frozen meat is priced at 160 Egyptian pounds.

Emphasizing the continuation of securing meat contracts from various sources, whether Djibouti, Sudan, Uganda, Kenya, or Brazil, he also mentioned the import of around 50 thousand tons of frozen meat from India.

The state intervenes in providing meat, whether live or slaughtered, through consumer complexes to prevent price escalation in the local market, reaffirming the ministry’s commitment to import and offer meat at suitable prices for citizens while securing strategic reserves.

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