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The date of announcing a new government in Sudan is approaching

In the coming days, the announcement of a Higher Council for War Management in Sudan is expected, while the appointment of a suitable and independent figure for the presidency of the cabinet remains a prominent challenge for future endeavors. The Cabinet is set to comprise an agile war government, featuring prominent figures such as Ambassador Othman Abu Fatima Adam, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Professor Mohamed Hussein Abu Saleh, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Commander Mone Arko Manawi, Minister of Federal Governance, and Commander Mustafa Tambour, Minister of Youth and Sports. Additionally, Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Zubeir Basha, the Head of the Supreme Council for Strategic Planning, Dr. Magdy Maher Youssef, Minister of Health, Khaled Al-Issar, Minister of Culture and Information, Ahmed El-Badawi Mohamed Al-Amin, Minister of Trade and Industry, and Brigadier General Abdul Rahman Al-Sadiq Al-Mahdi, Minister of Defense, are key figures in the proposed cabinet. Furthermore, military governors are also expected to be appointed for the states.

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